Our concept for rugs W-LINK 01

Our flexible and modular concept for rugs, W-LINK 01 is designed with the purpose to reduce our environmental impact. And at the same time give you – the customer – the opportunity to change its look, size and colour all according to your own preferences. With our flexible system you’ll be able to create your own and unique rug by choosing your own combination of colours and yarn, from sustainable materials such as merino wool, lyocell and bamboo. All connected with handmade oak links, holding the units together and in place. The possibilities are endless.

When choosing a W-LINK 01 rug you always have the possibility to take its units apart and change its shape. The modularity also gives you the opportunity to clean just one unit and not the whole rug, if an ”accident” were to occur, which in the long run reduces water usage and material waste.

All parts are designed in Sweden and produced within the EU.

If you’re interested in buying a W-LINK rug or want some more info please send us an email at hello@allmattersstudio.com or sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date.


Below you can order small rug samples of W-Links different colours and yarns. The cost for the samples will be subtracted from the total cost of a W-Link rug if you decide to buy one within 30 days. More info at each sample below.

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