Like a perfume is constructed by building blocks, such as top, heart and base notes, frag.ments are stylised architectural forms, which playfully build upon each other and unite into one sculptural object. We like to think of the frag.ments sculptures as physical manifestations of En Doft™ Room Perfumes.

Lending inspiration from the romanticised period of Palladio architecture and the warm latitudes of the mediterranean region, with frag.ments we combine classic form, materiality and scent.

The porous surface of the textured ceramic of the frag.ments objects are perfectly suitable as a perfume carrier. Spray your Room Perfume on a surface and experience the relation between the scent and sculpture as they intertwine and the scent slowly unwind into the surroundings.

The frag.ment sculptures are unique pieces and one of a kind items. Made from extruded stoneware, locally in Copenhagen. Handcrafted and designed by exhibit studio.

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