EMBLA Stool 03 Faluröd

4,900 kr

EMBLA stool 03 is named after “Embla” the first woman in Nordic mythology, in which Embla was created from a trunk of elm tree. The Embla stool is inspired by the simple shape of an old farmers milking stool.

Use it as a decorative piece or a small bedside table.


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EMBLA stool 03 is 38 cm high and each base in the triangle seat is 27 cm wide.

Its manufactured in European oak and crafted by Nils Verners Verkstad outside of Uppsala in Sweden. Each part is made manually, which makes it an order item only with about three to four weeks of delivery. The Faluröd edition is painted with linseed oil paint. NCS colour code: NCS S4941-Y79R. 

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Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 27 × 38 cm

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