EMBLA Stool 03 Faluröd

5,400 SEK

EMBLA stool 03 is named after “Embla” the first woman in Nordic mythology, in which Embla was created from a trunk of elm tree. The Embla stool is inspired by the simple shape of an old farmers milking stool.

Use it as a decorative piece or a small bedside table.

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Nuvole edition: Massive Oak wood with European Origin. Linseed oil treatment with colour pigment:  NCS colour code: NCS S4941-Y79R.


H: 380mm W: 270mm D: 280mm


All Matters Studio 2020


Nils Verners Verkstad, Uppsala

Short facts:  

-Timeless design

-Multiple purpose

-Locally produced

-Use of traditional carpentry technics and details

Additional information

Weight 2.7 kg
Dimensions 27 × 38 cm

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