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Welcome to our exclusive events during 3DaysofDesign

During 3DaysofDesign the perfume brand En Doft™ will together with All Matters Studio host a series of evening events, where you’ll be able to discover En Doft™ perfumes in new dimensions; such as smell, taste and materiality. The experience is intimate with only eight sittings per event, so access only with a confirmed reservation. 

If you’re interested to attend please email to for further information. 


At 3DaysofDesign we will show our own designs in new forms and materials at our favourite location; Nuvole Showroom, Store Regnegade 2. Our fragrance brand En Doft™ will of course very much be part of our 3days stay. Visitors will be able to meet our perfume designer Emmanuel Martini. And we will hold limited exclusive events where the guest will experience our Room Perfumes in new dimensions such as taste, smell and texture. Birgitte Due Madsen have created the unique taste platforms for these events. 

With all this said we are very proud to also present a special collaboration with Birgitte Due Madsen; a unique rug piece “Soft Marble” which is an interpretation of the Breton Cubes that BDM is showing during 3DaysOfdesign at Alice Folker Gallery. “Soft Marble” rug is produced by OGEBORG, Sweden.