All Matters /Studio

All Matters /Studio

We create amazing design and marvellous stuff, that matters

Our new handcrafted tableware series KNIVSÖDER. Handmade by Sofia at STHLM Pottery.

Read more about our tableware series Knivsöder and see all items …

Right now and until October you’ll find ALL MATTERS / at NUVOLE in Copenhagen, Store Regnegade 2. There you’ll be able to check out, buy and order our Bespoke or concept for rugs W-LINK 01, our stools EMBLA 03 and of course our tableware KNIVSÖDER

Hope to see you there!


It isn’t always easy to order things online. Sometimes you want to see and feel the things you wish to buy. Therefore we’re launching a new feature. Where you can order small samples in the correct colour and yarn. So you can choose and combine freely at home before ordering your own unique rug. Read more about our new feature here.

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